As graduates of Holland Christian, Joel and Carol understand the importance of a great K-12 education.  As parents of one, soon to be two, HC student, they understand that it is not always easy to write the check.  Holland Christian understands this as well and that’s why they created the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program – TRIP.  This program allows friends, family, and businesses to contribute to a 
specific child’s  education fund.

If you have a child at Holland or Zeeland Christian School, and would appreciate some assistance with your tuition, simply download the following form and give it to any friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else that may be buying or selling a home, and you may receive thousands of dollars in assistance from RE/MAX Lakeshore and Carol Genzink.

How it works:

1.       You give the following form, with your TRIP ID number, to someone that could use Carol's services to buy or sell real estate.

2.       This person completes the form and buys or sells a property with Carol Genzink.

3.       RE/MAX Lakeshore will credit your TRIP account with an amount equal to 0.0075 times the sale or purchase price. 

Example: Your friend provides your TRIP number when he lists his house with Carol, and she sells the home for $250,000, then RE/MAX Lakeshore will credit your TRIP account $1,875.  Now imagine if everyone you knew was contributing to your account this way; you'll never have to write another tuition check again!

Download Form

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